Nicky Waring, Sexual Health Educator, Ready! Relate Education, Vancouver, Canada

Hi, I'm Nicky

Teaching is my passion and I have been educating young people in different capacities since 1998.


When people lack education about their bodies and sexual health it can impact their self-image, sense of identity, health and relationships. I understand the importance of providing education in an open and positive way to enable children, youth and adults to feel confident in themselves, take ownership of their choices and build strong relationships.

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Certified Teacher

Teaching is my passion. I am a certified teacher in the UK and I am also conditionally certified in B.C. I had an immense amount of fun during my years teaching elementary in the UK. My students filled everyday with laughter, enthusiasm and curiosity. How can teaching not be a joy! 


It is so rewarding seeing students’ "Ah Ha moments". One of my favourite pieces of feedback from a parent was sad face to smiley face and that’s what I aim for in each teaching interaction. Whether it’s helping someone to grasp a new concept or just helping them to feel more confident and comfortable with themselves.

Special Education Instructor

With over 10 years of experience working with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and with different learning abilities, I am practised in presenting information and concepts in a concrete but creative way. I adapt my resources to the individual group, making sure all examples are relevant to their experiences; age-appropriate, interactive and are presented in a way that best meet their communication needs. 


I have worked in schools, day programs and residential units in the UK and Canada and have a wealth of experience in working with different approaches, including Applied Behaviour Analysis, Relationship Development Intervention, Picture Exchange Communication System and Makaton.

Certified Sexual Health Educator

The impetus for me training as a Sexual Health Educator was actually my years of working with young adults with ASD. I noticed the gaps that many of the young people, that I worked with, had in their knowledge about their own bodies and the negative impact it had on their behaviour and ultimately their independence.


Consequently, I have completed my training to become a certified sexual health educator through Opt, with special focus in educating students with disabilities, and am pleased to be able to combine that high-level subject knowledge with my lengthy experience working with neuro-diverse learners with cognitive challenges. I am dedicated to providing research-based, tailored education for these learners as well as typical learners.

Social Skills Instructor

Part of my work teaching adults with Autism has been writing and teaching the social skills curriculum. Whatever age or ability, social skills are fundamental to understanding and conducting happy, positive relationships of any kind.


For this reason, much of my work involves teaching students the hidden rules of social situations and relationships. I assimilate concepts from Social Thinking® and Social Boundaries in to my teaching, adapting materials to the needs of each student.


Being a new mom has highlighted for me the importance of discussing issues around our bodies and sexuality in a positive way from an early age, as everything we say (or don’t say) gives our children messages about their bodies and themselves as people.

I enjoy discussing with parents their own experiences and allowing them time to reflect on their own education and values.  Together we can mold confident, positive responses to any question or concern your child might throw at you, which will help shape your child in to an open-minded, empowered and respectful person!

Relevant Training & Certificates


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Primary Education 2009, University of Southampton, U.K.

  • TEFL International TESOL Certification, 2007, TEFL International.

Special Education Instructor

  • Basic Training Programme for Positive Handling Strategies within a Holistic Framework, Team-Teach, 2009.

  • Cerebral Palsy- Learning & Behaviour, SCOPE, 2009.

  • Positive Approaches to Behaviour Management and Physical Intervention, Hampshire County Council, 2007

  • Makaton Foundation Workshop, Modules 1-4, Makaton Vocabulary Development Project, 2006.

Sexual Health Educator

  • Opt's Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) Program 2015 - Certification areas: Elementary, Secondary & Students with Disabilities.

  • Navigating Puberty & Adolsecence, Autism Community Training workshop presented by Joy Becker.

Social Skills Instructor

  • 1st Annual Canadian Social Thinking® Providers Conference 2014