For Families:

Topics available:  

Sexual Development - What to discuss at what age with your children - How to answer questions from your children -Expected/Unexpected Behaviour in different settings & relationships - Healthy Relationships - Friendships - Dating & crushes - Private and Public Spaces, behaviours and touch Boundaries - Personal Hygiene - Puberty - Masturbation - Menstruation - Erections - Conception, pregnancy & birth - Sex and the law  - STI’s - Contraception - Decision-Making

For Families

Parenting workshops

Understanding when and how to discuss sexual health with your children can be a daunting task. I can teach you how to talk to your children about their bodies, relationships and sexuality. My workshops focus on particular age groups and provide information on sexual development. You’ll learn when to introduce topics to your children, practise answering questions and gain access to excellent sexual health resources.

In addition I'll survey all workshop participants before hand to find out what particular concerns you have so I can best address these in our workshop.  Your time is precious and I want to make sure you get the most out of your experience.


2 hour workshop $180 per group

3 hour workshop $270 per group

How to talk to your kids about their bodies, relationships & sex, Ready! Relate Education, Vancouver

Home Consultations

If you would prefer a more personal service, I am available for one-to-one consultations either by Skype or at your home. We can problem solve particular concerns or issues you might have and you can learn my techniques for teaching sexual health and relationships in a focused and friendly environment. I develop education plans and resources to be used with home teams and provide ongoing support.


This may also be covered by MCF funding.


Healthy Relationship & Sexuality Workshops

Healthy Relationship & Sexuality Workshops for kids/teens/adults with developmental disabilities.


This may also be covered by MCF funding.