For organizations, families & people with diverse abilities


Nicky and Ready! Relate Education have moved from Canada to the UK. Although we are no-longer providing in-person services in British Columbia, we are providing 1:1 education, webinars and consultations online. Get in touch here to find out more.

Online Education


We are now delighted to be able to offer education remotely through the use of online meeting or webinar tools.  Online education has lots of advantages including:

  • No added travel costs.

  • Each student can interact individually and privately with the educator throughout the session, using online chat.

  • Highly visual and engaging


I am able to offer coaching and tailored programs of education that can cover;

  • Social Skills for conversations, play, friendships, and dating;

  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships;

  • Online safety and communicating on social media;

  • Personal safety skills;

  • Puberty changes;

  • Sexual health and sexual decision-making;

  • Personal hygiene;

  • Emotional literacy and regulation;

  • Life skills;

  • Employment skills such as interview coaching, time

       management and task planning.

What do I need:

All you need is access to a computer or smart phone in order to take part in sessions. Headphones are also desirable.


For parents and caregivers:

I can also provide coaching or resources for teaching specific topics or skills.

In person services:

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For Organizations

Facilitating positive relationships & healthy sexuality for your clients or students

This is a popular introductory workshop for staff, providing opportunities for reflection and discussion on individual and organisational values. A good starting point for exploring what more can be done to facilitate clients and students (of any age or ability) with building relationships and advocating for their rights as sexual beings.

Suggested content:

  • What is sexuality?

  • Exploring own values and messages being communicated

  • Introduction to the key skills needed for healthy relationships and how can the staff team facilitate the teaching of these skills

  • Role of staff and organisation to support in this area

  • Considering behaviour as communication and how to respond

Gender & Sexual Orientation: Creating Inclusive Environments

This workshop is an introduction to the spectrums of gender and sexual orientation and how to ensure the communities that access your services feel included. The workshop covers:

  • An introduction to key vocabulary

  • Four aspects of gender

  • Strategies for creating a more inclusive environment

  • How to support students or clients in being allies.

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For Families

Healthy sexuality: Teaching your child about their body, relationships & sex

This workshop aims to help you as a parent or caregiver feel comfortable with these topics and to empower you with the tools you will need at each stage of this important, ongoing conversation.  It will provide lots of tips on making yourself approachable to your child, on how to start the conversation and how to educate your child about the skills they need to have healthy and safe relationships through ‘teachable moments’.

  • Review stages of sexual development and what to tell your kids when.

  • Learn a framework for answering those “difficult” questions.

  • Practise answering common questions that your child might ask, at different stages.

  • Discuss abuse-prevention strategies

This workshop can be tailored for any age group: pre-schoolers, pre-teens or teens and young adults.

For People With Diverse Abilities

I have power! workshop (2 hours)

Part 1: Confident Communication (1 hour)

Participants will be given key information about their bodies and rights; presented in clear, simple language alongside visuals and examples.  We will practise communicating against unwanted and unsafe touch, using our whole bodies. We will explore different scenarios involving people with differing levels of intimacy to us and the appropriate ways to communicate boundaries. We will highlight potential social barriers to saying no and ways to circumnavigate these.

Part 2: Planning for Safe relationships (1hour)

Participants will be guided through the information they need to identify potentially abusive situations involving another person(s).  They will be presented with ways they can educate themselves in order to reduce the risk of being treated in an unsafe way.  We will learn what to do before, during and in response to an unsafe/abusive situation. 

‘Privacy, Boundaries and Consent’ workshop series

This three-part workshop covers three fundamental concepts that are essential for safety, social inclusion and healthy relationships; presented in clear, easy to understand language.  This workshop is highly interactive and engaging, incorporating real-life examples, relevant to each group, and opportunities for practice.  It teaches participants about ‘private’ parts of the body and the ‘hidden social rules’ about different kinds of places; how to identify and communicate their own personal boundaries and how to respect others and; in the final session, what consent is, how it is given and when it needs to be given.

Workshop programs for teens

Skills for healthy relationships part 1: Self-care, friends & dating

A program teaching, teens who are neuro-diverse, how to navigate social interactions, self-care and relationships.


Topics covered include:

Looking after yourself – Boundaries and safety - What healthy relationships look & sound like - Starting a friendship - Crushes & dating– Communicating boundaries

Workshop programs for teens

Skills for healthy relationships part 2: Puberty & sexuality explained

Information ALL teens need to understand their changing bodies, dating and social situations.  A program for youth aged 13-16, who are neuro-diverse, providing information on navigating the social world around sexuality and puberty, and providing a safe, inclusive space to ask questions and get the information necessary to make healthy choices about dating and sex.


Topics covered include:

- Sexual anatomy and reproduction - Puberty changes - Decision-making - Media messages and social pressure – Consent - Am I ready for a sexual relationship? - Online safety

Workshop programs for adults (17 years +)

Skills for healthy relationships part 1: Self-care, friends & dating

A program teaching adults who are neuro-diverse, how to navigate social interactions, self-care and relationships.


Topics covered include:

Looking after yourself - What healthy relationships look & sound like - Starting a friendship - Crushes & dating - Making & respecting choices - Being a clear communicator

Workshop programs for adults (17 years +)

Skills for healthy relationships part 2: Intimacy & sexual self-advocacy

Information we ALL need in order to have healthy bodies, a positive sense of self and safe and fulfilling intimate relationships. A program for young adults (17 yrs +), who are neuro-diverse, and would like to learn the science about how their body works, the options for healthy sexuality and learn the skills to ensure healthy sexual relationships.

- Sexual anatomy and reproduction - Looking after my body - Am I ready for a sexual relationship? - Contraception and pregnancy options - Online safety – Consent